Top 10 Best Tik Tok Editing Apps | Tik Tok Video Editing Apps

Tik Tok is the most popular video-sharing App trending now. It is used to create short lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos. It was launched in 2017 for all Android & Ios users. And it was the most downloaded app available over 150 markets and in 75 languages. So, anyone can download the app from app stores.

This App had a really huge collection of amazing stuff. And every user can watch all those uploaded videos and can follow them. Also, there are some pretty cool amazing editing tools. So, By using these tik tok editing tools you can make awesome tik tok videos which also increase tik tok followers for free.

Creating a video on TikTok is so easy. But, getting likes & followers is not so easy. Bcoz, people are giving much importance to content & quality. So, Videos with the best quality content gains more popularity compared to normal videos.

So, If you wanna make TikTok videos like a Pro. Then, You need to have some good tik tok editing skills. Additionally, you also need some best video editing apps to make videos viral on TikTok using some pretty video editing apps.

List Of Top Best Free Editing Apps For Tik Tok


InShot is the best free tik tok editor app with many amazing features. And among those features- Video cutting, Trimming & Splitting. By using this best video editor for android, you can edit videos easily. You can download this best free android video editor from Play Store.

⇒ To Download InShot Video Editor App – Click Here 

Features Of Inshot:-

  • Best Free HD Video editor & Maker.
  • Can Crop, Cut, Trim & Split Videos.
  • East to use video editor app with a user-friendly interface.
  • Able to split videos into parts & merge those split videos easy.
  • Blur background & add music.
  • Edited Videos can be shared to all social apps.
  • High-Quality videos can be edited without losing Video quality.

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Timbre is yet another best free good tik tok video editor app which is a user-friendly interface app. Audio and Video files can be edited easily. This Android-Editor App allows users to Cut, Join & convert audio or video files.

⇒ To Download Timbre – Click Here

Features Of Timbre:-

  • Video & Audio Cutter: You can cut Audio & Video files quickly by using High-Quality Audio & Video Cutter feature.
  • Audio & Video Joiner: Audio & Video files can be merged easily using this best video editor app – Timbre. So, you can easily merge too many files into one file.
  • Audio & Video Converter: If you want to convert files from one format to another format you can easily convert them using this amazing app – Timbre. So, there is no limit on converting audio or video files from one to another easily.
  • Video to Audio: So, By using this feature you can easily extract audio from any video easily.
  • Video to GIF: GIF Animated files can be created from any videos quickly.
  • Audio & Video Speed Changer: This feature can change the speed of audio & Video files. (For Example – Slow-motion videos & mp3 )

Still whatnot there are many more amazing features to create some awesome videos with this best tik tok video editor for android.


Funimate is Yet Another popular Tik Tok Video editor App. And is considered as the Best Video Editor & Maker for Tik Tok users. By using this app, you can make some creative videos using video effects.

⇒ To Download Funimate – Click Here

Features Of Funimate:-

  • Video Effects: In this App, there are more than 100 advanced video effects. So, by using these effects you can easily make some creative videos.
  • Create Own Effects: As everyone is trying to make some Unique Videos. So, Funimate will definitely help you in creating some Unique video with amazing effects to increase real fans for tik tok.
  • Add Music To Video: You can add your favorite music to your videos easily.
  • Add Emoji, Stickers & Text: Additionally, These Emoji, Stickers & Text are some extra features that make superb videos.
  • Merger, Cut & Trim: By using these features, You can do video merging, Cutting & Trimming to make awesome tik tok videos.
  • Create Short Videos: As some social media apps limit the length of videos. So, videos can be created depending on those apps with advanced features.


Vizmato is easy to use Movie Maker App to make great looking videos within minutes. And here you have many options to add filter, themes, music, effects & texts.

⇒ To Download Vizmato – Click Here

Features Of Vizmato:-

  • Powerful Video Editor: By using this powerful android video editor, You can create Clip, Trim or make clips to one perfect clip.
  • Slideshow Maker: Slideshow feature allows users to convert photos into a video. So that you can add some cool music to that video created using Slideshow Maker.
  • Video FX: Here in this App, you have more than 40+ visual effects to make normal videos into amazing videos using the Video FX feature.
  • Add Filters & Themes: By using this feature, You can create some beautiful videos using themes and video filters.
  • Watch Videos: You can also create & surf videos created by Vizmato users like Tik Tok App. And also share those videos


Videoshop is yet another pretty cool video editing app with loads of editing features like Adding Music, Slow-motion, Filter, Merging & Many more. So, You can use this best android video editor app to create pretty good videos.

⇒ To Download VideoShop – Click Here

Features Of Videoshop:-

  • Video Trim: You can remove unwanted clips from any videos using the Trim feature.
  • Add Music: Music can be added to any videos.
  • Sound Effects: You can even make videos more interesting using some funny animal noises, fart sounds, explosions, laughter Etc
  • Slow/Fast Video Motion: Video speed can be adjusted easily either to make a slow-motion or in fast motion depending on your choice.
  • Add Text: Any Text can be added to the video.
  • Voiceovers: This feature allows you to record your own voice for the video.
  • Animated Titles: You can even add interesting animated titles to make awesome videos.
  • Reverse: Videos can be played back using Reverse feature.
  • Video-Sharing: You can also share edited videos on your social media apps.

VideoShow Video Editor, Video Maker, Photo Editor: 

VideoShow is All in one editor to make superb videos easy. And Also make some gifs with the pictures. Luckily, you will not be getting any watermark or ads after updating to Vip.

⇒ To Download VideoShow – Click Here

Features of VideoShow:

  • Create Memes/Slideshows: You can create memes & Slideshows with the photos.
  • Easy-to-use editor App with a user-friendly interface.
  • Can Edit Videos without losing video quality.
  • No worries of ads & watermark on the edited videos for Vip users.
  • Can add filter effects from 30+ different effects.
  • Able to add a variety of text styles with different font styles.
  • Make some funny GIF’s using

Magisto – Video Editor & Music Slideshow Maker:

Magisto is another Best Android Video Editing App to create awesome videos within minutes. You can really create some eye-catching videos using this best tik tok video editing app. Using this Android Video editor, you can create an outstanding video in just 3 simple steps.

⇒ To Download Magisto – Click Here

Features of Magisto:-

  • A SlideShow can be created using album photos.
  • Add Music for any videos easily.
  • Can crop, trim & merge videos.

Quik – Free Video Editor for Photos, Clips, music:

Quik is an awesome free editing app that can create awesome videos in just a few simple steps. There are many editing features. You can select any themes which suit for edited videos.

⇒ To Download Quik Editing App – Click Here

Features of Quik:

  • Easy to trim, reorder & rotate photos.
  • Emijos can be added to make interesting videos & slideshows.
  • Create slow-motion videos.
  • It can save videos in HD format.
  • Videos edited can be shared on all social apps.


The Above mentioned are some of the Top Best Tik Tok Editing Apps. And you can use anyone in these apps which help in creating awesome Tik Tok videos. So, you can gain some real fans for your Tik Tok Videos.

I hope this article “Tik Tok Video Editing Apps” helped you in finding the best one. If you feel this article helpful, you can also share this article with your friends looking to increase fans on tik tok.

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