Best Whatsapp Alternative Apps For FREE 2021

Undoubtedly WhatsApp App becomes the best messaging app on the planet. On average nearly 2 billion users worldwide are using this online chatting app as of February 2020. And still, there is a huge increase in users of this app. Becoz of the services provided by this amazing app.

Recently, Whatsapp had an update with a new privacy policy where users are forced to accept that privacy policy to use this app. If not accepted, you were not able to use the app anymore.

The privacy policy is about collecting users’ data and can share collected data with the parent company. So, users are very much disappointed with this new privacy policy and looking for some alternative apps similar to WhatsApp.

So, If you are also interested, then you can choose any alternative apps similar to WhatsApp app from here. All these below given WhatsApp alternative apps are secure & free to use.

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Best Whatsapp Alternative Apps 

1. Signal Private Messenger:

Signal is an amazing WhatsApp alternative app with high privacy and security for the users. It is an Open Source Encryption available on all platforms. And it has the most unique feature compared to the official one: Disappearing Messages.

Disappearing messages: You can set up a timer for chats where messages sent and received will disappear within that time limit. So, messages sent & received will be disappeared by using this awesome feature.

And you can use this app to send & receive text messages, make audio & video calls, share documents, create groups, Share location Etc., So, all these features can be used free of cost!!

Pro’s Con’s
Open-Source Software app No Animated Emoji’s 
Restrict screen screenshots Mobile Number signup
Available for all platforms Can’t upload Status
Disappearing messages
 End-to-End Encryption App





2. Discord – Talk, Video Chat & Hang Out with Friends:

Discord – Talk, Video Chat & Hang Out with Friends is yet another amazing alternative app for WhatsApp. By using this app, one can easily get connected with friends and communities easily. This app had nearly 100M+ Downloads with an app rating of 4.5 by users.

By using this WhatsApp alternative app, anyone can make video calls, send voice messages & text messages. This free texting app has many interesting features compared to the official one.

Pro’s Con’s
Very Simple & Easy to Use App Auto Unmuting
High Voice Chat Quality  Difficult to learn
Separate Meeting Rooms Call Quality Drop
Promote Ideas & Strategies 
Connects around the world





3. Antox:

Antox is an easy messaging app that is completely Open-Source. It can be used to connect with Friends, Family & anyone Easily using this Best WhatsApp alternative app.

This Best messaging app includes pretty good features like – Instant Messaging, Voice & Video Calls, Create Groups chats, Screen sharing & File Sharing Etc.,

It uses Tox Protocol which is a Peer-to-Peer for secure communication. Easy to use the app with zero Advertising.

Pro’s Con’s
No Ads Still Under Development
  Secure Battery Drains very soon
Open Source High Data Usage App
Free to use

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4. Threema. Secure And Private Messenger:

Threema. Secure and Private Messenger is yet another interesting alternative app for Whatsapp. It is an Open Source to make an end – to – end encrypted voice & video calls Etc., which protects users’ data securely.

Also, Threema had an amazing feature ” Threema Web ” Where Threema users can use this app from the Desktop like WhatsApp web.

Messages from the conversation are deleted immediately after they have been delivered. Threema does not collect user’s information.

Pro’s Con’s
♥ Highly Secure Messenger ♥ Single device use
♥ No Ads & Trackers Not Free Usage
♥ Encrypted Group Chats   
Threema Web  
♥ Contact Number not required  

5. Telegram:

Telegram is really one of the best instant messaging apps offering End-to-End encryption with nearly 400 Million active users. It is a freeware cloud-based messaging software to send fast messages compared to any other messaging app.

It is described as the best fastest messaging app where anyone can get connected easily. Users can send or receive messages, share documents Etc., And anyone can use this app for free without spending money.

Pro’s Con’s
High Secure App Phone number needed
Free of Cost Usage ♥ Not Fully Open Source
High-Quality Calls Not Supports 360º photos
♥ Voice & Video Messages
Unlimited Storage 

6. Skype – Free IM & Video calls:

Skype is a very well known Best Free Video Calling app. And Almost all of us might be used it in past. Even If not used, now you can try this app as an alternative to WhatsApp App.

And Skype had an amazing updated design where its users can send & receive messages, file transfer, voice & video calling Etc.,

And users can use this awesome chatting app on all smartphones and desktops easily.

So, without any doubt, skype can also be used as one of the best alternative apps like WhatsApp.

Pro’s Con’s
Easy to Use App Slow File Sharing
Screen Sharing Spam Messages
Group Video calls Irritating large Ads 
File Sharing
Send & receive SMS

7. Google Hangouts:

Google Hangouts is another best messaging app developed by Google. It allows users to have better conversations fast. You can easily make video calls easily up to 10 contacts. And even photos can be shared using this best Whatsapp alternative app.

Hangouts can be used across all platforms to get connected with everyone in your contacts. So, users can send & receive messages, images, emojis & video calls free of cost.

Pro’s Con’s
Connected Up to 10 devices Require Contact Number 
Decent Video Quality Cannot share Desktop
Instant Messaging App Users Privacy 
Image & Video Sharing
♥ Easy to install App

8. Viber Messenger:

Viber Messenger is one of the best secure messaging and calling app. Using this app, you can make fast text and make high-Quality video calls free of cost anytime.

Viber Users can easily make free international calls, send text messages, make group chat, and much more! So, get connected with people, no matter who they are, or where they are from. All you need to do is just Download Viber now.

You can also use self-destruct timer option to clear all the messages sent after the message is read from the recipient’s phone easily.

Pro’s Con’s
High-Quality Video Calls Required Contact number
Free Audio calls Too many annoying adds
User-friendly app Low File Sharing Limit
High-Quality jpegs
Highly Secure App

9. LINE: Free Calls & Messages

Line is another best alternative app for WhatsApp to send messages & make Free voice calls whenever. Users of Line can send free one-on-one and group text messages easily.

Almost all variety of smartphone devices supports Line app download. Can make free international voice & video calls.

Photos, Videos, Voice messages, Contacts & location information can be shared in a moment using this awesome Free Messaging App alternative for WhatsApp.

Pro’s Con’s
Send & Receive payments Not Well Known Internationally
Black List ID to block calls Landline calls aren’t free
High-Quality Video Calls Large File Size App
End-to-End Encryption
Limitless & Free App

10.  Bridgefy – Offline Messaging:

Bridefy is another most important Offline Messaging app to communicate with friends and family. You can send & receive messages without using mobile data. Seems interesting right! Then just have a look at this amazing Offline messaging app.

This App does not require a Mobile Data or internet connection to send & receive messages. It completely works Offline. And this App mainly works on Bluetooth Mesh Network or Wifi-Based Network to send & receive messages.

So, by using Best Offline WhatsApp alternative app, one can send messages to nearby friends easily without using mobile data.

Here, Bridefy has three modes of communication: Person-to-person, Broadcast Mode & Mesh Mode.

These types of Offline alternative app for WhatsApp are very much useful in many situations where there is no mobile service among your nearby friends. And Also, quite helpful during some musical fest, Sports Events, Rural Communities, Etc.

Pro’s Con’s
 Offline Messaging App Mobile Number required
Save Mobile Data
Easy to use App


Finally, these are some Best Whatsapp Alternative Apps that can be used instead of Official One. Apart from these WhatsApp alternative apps, Signal Private Messenger is one of the best apps similar to the Official one. And I have used Signal Private Messenger app on my android and felt very happy in finding out the best chat apps.

So, I hope you liked this article and found the best secure alternative to WhatsApp. And please share your valuable experience in choosing the Best one of these messaging apps similar to WhatsApp.

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