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How To Block WhatsApp Calls Without Blocking Contacts - TrickZworld

How To Block WhatsApp Calls Without Blocking Contacts

Are you getting too many WhatsApp calls frequently? If yes, then I have a simple solution to avoid these types of calls from Whatsapp. But, you need to follow Here this simple guide on How To Block WhatsApp Calls Without Contact Blocking?

Yah! What you heard is right. You can block WhatsApp calls without Contact Blocking. So, by doing these you can easily avoid WhatsApp calls but not messages. Also, learn to use Offline WhatsApp while chatting.

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For Example:- If you are getting too many WhatsApp calls from anyone which you don’t like answering their call. But you like to receive messages from him.

What you will do?

Either Block WhatsApp Contact Or Warn them not to Call again.

In the Above situation, If you opt to Block WhatsApp Contact then you won’t be able to make calls or messages from WhatsApp Blocked Contacts. Learn how to run a dual WhatsApp app on a single android.

And If you Opt to warn them not to make WhatsApp calls again, It really hurts once feelings and relationship between you and others.

So, You should be more careful before doing this. Because once WhatsApp Contact is blocked, You will not receive any notifications, calls, messages from them. And may have many disadvantages for doing this.

But, You can easily escape yourself instead of Blocking WhatsApp Contact (Or) Warn them not to call back again using a simple WhatsApp Trick discussed here.

Below, I have given an easy & simple WhatsApp Trick – How to Deactivate Voice & Video calls On Whatsapp Without Block. Just scroll down.

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How To Block WhatsApp Calls Without Blocking Contacts

There are really many advantages using this Latest WhatsApp Tricks will you are going to learn in this guide. So, In this post, I will explain ” How to only Block calls From WhatsApp But receive messages ” using simple steps using a third-party app.

Before going into the main topic, You need to check some requirements needed to disable WhatsApp Video calls given below.


  • Need to Download & Install Yowhatsapp Latest Version on your Android.
  • Recommended Android OS 4.0 Or Higher.
  • Good internet connectivity to download & install Apk fast.

As discussed previously, Official WhatsApp Do not have any feature to Disable WhatsApp Calls. So, YoWhatsApp is replaced with the official WhatsApp having WhatsApp Call Blocking Feature.

Steps To Block WhatsApp Calls Without Blocking Contact:

1. Firstly, Download YoWhatsApp Mod version from given Apk Download Link.

2. Install YowhatsApp Apk Downloaded from the link. If needed, you can check How To Install YoWhatsApp Apk For Android.

3. Thereafter, Follow the Apk instructions similar to the Official WhatsApp done previously with your WhatsApp Number.

4. If needed, You can have chat Backups to restore back Chats on this Latest Version YoWhatsApp installed.

5. Restoring may take time depending upon the data BackUp taken from the Official WhatsApp.

6. And From Now, You can use this similar App with many more advanced features which you can explore now.

7. Click on the Three Dots seen on the main screen of Yo Whatsapp App.

8. Choose ” YoMods “ seen on from the list. (YoMods- Pack of Many Amazing Features)

9. Click on ” Who Can Call Me? “

10. You can choose one out of five options from the menu ” Who can call me “.

Finally done!

From now you can be Relaxed instead of worrying about receiving useless WhatsApp calls. By, disable Whatsapp calls entirely or for some specific contacts as discussed in the previous point.

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Advantages of using Yo WhatsApp:

Yo WhatsApp is the best mod version of WhatsApp app with really awesome features not only to Block WhatsApp calls. But, there are many advantages of having Yo WhatsApp on your Android.

  1. Block Whatsapp calls from Unknown contacts.
  2. You can Hide Last Seen, Blue Ticks, Second ticks, Etc.,
  3. Able to hide chats using In-Built lock option.
  4. You can disable WhatsApp calls for some particular contacts.
  5. Also, you can hide received images, videos from your gallery.

Still, there are many more advantages using this best Modded WhatsApp. You can explore our website.


1. How to Block WhatsApp Calls?

Ans: You can easily Block WhatsApp Calls using ” YowhatsApp ”

2. How to avoid calls from unknown on WhatsApp?

Ans: Install ” YowhatsApp” And Opt to ” My Contacts ” from the menu ” Who can call me ” from Privacy discussed above.

3. Is it possible to disable WhatsApp calls? How?

Ans: Yes, you can definitely disable WhatsApp calls. But, you need to follow the simple steps given in the post.

4. How do I disable videos calls on WhatsApp?

Ans: If you wish to disable Videos calls on WhatsApp completely, then choose Nobody from Yowhatsapp as discussed above.

5. How to block WhatsApp calls but not messages?

Ans: Yes, you can block calls and only messages from WhatsApp blocked contacts.

So, These are some frequently asked questions on Blocking WhatsApp calls I have noticed.

Final Word:

Everyone has their own choices to lead a happy life. So, You need not be bothered about others. In fact, daily you might have to receive too many calls from Known or Unkown ones. Because everyone has their own smartphones recharged with unlimited data packs. So, most of the people are fond of making unnecessary calls using the WhatsApp App.

And You can automatically avoid WhatsApp Calls from anyone using this amazing WhatsApp Trick – HOW TO DISABLE WHATSAPP CALLING FEATURE.

I hope this article ” How to Block Only WhatsApp Calls But not messages ” helped you to block WhatsApp calls without Blocking Contacts.

If you have any issues, please let us know using the comment box below.

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