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How To Check Someone's WhatsApp Status Without Knowing Them Secretly!! - TrickZworld

How To Check Someone’s WhatsApp Status Without Knowing Them Secretly!!

Want to Check Someone’s WhatsApp Status Without Knowing Them Secretly? Then just scroll down to know the secret WhatsApp trick To See WhatsApp Status Without Being Seen!

Well, As you all know about the best app – WhatsApp where you can have chats, make calls & share status and many more. Previously I have shared many WhatsApp tricks to block someone adding into WhatsApp groups & Block WhatsApp calls without contact blocking Etc.,

So, Here in this post, I am gonna share “the latest WhatsApp trick” “To Check Anyone WhatsApp status without Being Seen”. And this trick works well for all Android & Ios users. This can be done without using any third-party apps.

And WhatsApp Status can be seen without knowing them in 2 easy methods. So, here I am sharing those 2 methods and you can choose any one method.

Method 1: Using Read Receipts

By using the Read Receipts option you can secretly check anyone WhatsApp status without knowing them. So, To do this you need to Turn Off read receipts from WhatsApp settings. For better understanding, I have given some simple steps to disable the Read Receipts feature.

Steps to TURN OFF Read Receipts:

  1. Open WhatsApp App on your Smart Phone.
  2. Click on the Three Vertical dots shown on the chat screen.
  3. And choose Settings from the option shown after tapping three dots.
  4. From Settings, Tap on the Account option.
  5. Next, choose Privacy from the shown option.
  6. Under Privacy settings, Scroll down to find – Read Receipts option.
  7. And now, just turn off this feature as shown in the screenshot below.

That’s it! This is one of the best easy methods to view WhatsApp status without knowing them. And Also this method works on all Android & Ios devices.

By using this method “Read Receipts”, there are some advantages & also disadvantages too.


  • You were able to “read WhatsApp messages without Bluetick”.

For Ex: If someone sends me a message & if I opened the message then the other person will know that I have seen the message by using the Bluetick. But, here those double ticks are not changed to Blue even after seeing the message also.


  • You won’t be able to check who has seen your WhatsApp status.

For Ex: If I have turned off Read Receipts option from my WhatsApp settings to watch someone’s WhatsApp status without knowing them. Then I won’t be able to check who has seen my status too.

Also you need to enable → read receipts option after checking Whatsapp status Becoz disabling → Read Receipts will hide whatsapp status viewers on your whatsapp.

Method 2: Using File Manager

File Manager is yet another option to view someone’s WhatsApp status without letting them know. So, Mostly Whatsapp downloads the uploaded status on a hidden folder. And downloads from the hidden folder can be seen only using some File Manager App.

So, If you don’t have any File Manager App previously. Then try to download it from Google Play Store.

Steps to see WhatsApp status images without being seen using File Manager:

  1. As said above, Download File Manager App. If done ignore and jump to the next step.
  2. Open File Manager App installed.
  3. Search for the Settings option from the app.
  4. From Settings, You need to EnableShow Hidden Files feature.
  5. Now, Go to the internal Storage and choose the Whatsapp Folder.
  6. And From WhatsApp Folder, Click on the WhatsApp Media Folder.
  7. From Media Folder, Tap on the. Statuses Folder.
  8. That’s it! Now You can find all downloaded WhatsApp status from this folder.

And from now you can see anyone’s status easily without knowing them.


Finally, You can use any one of these two methods to check friends WhatsApp status without knowing them. And I hope 1 method – Using Read Receipts method is the best and simplest method. So, you can choose this method to see anyone Whatsapp status without seen. This method is suitable for all Android & Ios devices.

I hope my tutorial helped you found the Best & Easiest way to check someone’s status on Whatsapp without knowing them. And to receive all the latest WhatsApp tricks subscribe to my blog with your Email Id.

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