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Hide Images & Videos On Android Without Using Any App ( Simple Trick ) - TrickZworld

Hide Images & Videos On Android Without Using Any App ( Simple Trick )

Searching for the best trick to hide images or videos? If yes, Then, you need not be worried from now. Becoz, I have a simple & easy trick for you without using any app. So, By using this trick you can easily hide pictures on android without using any apps.

In this article, I am gonna share complete guide on – How to hide photos & videos from the phone Gallery? That too without using any app locks. So, Just scroll down to find the best trick to hide gallery images and photos easily.

Commonly, If we want to hide any images or videos on our android phone. Then we guys hide those images or videos using some best app lock to hide images and videos on Android from play store.

But, Do you really using those app locks will keep that secret stuff secure? And the answer to this question is: No. Why Becoz, I have seen most of my friends using some best app locks to hide images or videos secretly. But, there are some people who keep starring at you while using your android phone to know Pin, pattern, Etc., to expose your images or videos hidden.

So, Instead of using this some android app lock, You can use this easy & simple android trick to hide the photo gallery on android. And not only photos. You can really hide any file easily by using the simple trick without using any app.

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Steps To Hide Images & Videos On Android Without Using Any App:

Step1: Firstly, Open -> File Manager on your Android.

* If needed, you can also download the best File Manager -> Es File Explorer from Play Store FREE!!

Step2: Secondly, Need to choose/select images or videos to be hidden from the android gallery.

Step3: Thirdly, Hold on the picture/video for almost 2 seconds. And you will be shown one pop-up with some setting options.

Step4: Choose the “RENAME” option from the pop-up displayed on the screen.

Step5: Now, you need to modify the file name of the selected image by removing extension like JPG. Similarly, for hiding videos, You need to remove the MP4 Extension shown.

For Example: If I want to hide some selected image/ video with some file names like XXXXX.jpg. Then, I can hide this file easily by removing .jpg extension from the file name using the Rename option.

Step6: And click OK option after removing the extension.

Step7: That’s it!! Now, those images/videos will be hidden from the phone gallery.

This is one of the best & easy methods to hide gallery images or videos without using any app locks. And again if you want to unhide that hidden stuff then you need to follow the reversal process by adding .JPG at the end of the file name renamed before.

Steps To Unhide Images & Videos On Android:

And if you wanna check those hidden images or videos on your android, then you need to rename the file name using the extension removed before. This can be done easily by following the below steps:

Step1: Open File Manager from your menu.

Step2: Navigate to the hidden file renamed previously.

Step2: And here, you need to rename that file by adding .JPG extension.

Step3: After adding, click on the OK option.

That’s it!! Now you have done it. And can check hidden images & videos on the gallery now.


Doesn’t it an easy and simple trick? And yah! really the easiest android trick to hide photos on Android without using any app locks. The main reason for sharing this trick is – As you all know these days people are much more bothered about other lives by watching every move we make. And, having some gallery lock apps will definitely make anyone curious about finding out the stuff hidden on the Gallery lock.

I hope you like this article. And if you have any issues in doing so, you can contact us using the comment section.

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