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How To Copy Text From Images in Android - TrickZworld

How To Copy Text From Images in Android

Extracting text from images is not such easy task bcoz I have seen many people struggling on “How to copy text from images on Android Device”.

So, If you are looking for the best method to “Extract text from pdf images“. Just follow the simple and easy steps given. This tutorial helps you to “Copy text from images” for free.

How To Copy Text From Images On Android Device

Copying/ Extracting text from an image is very easy to do only if you follow this tutorial. As said previously, I have come across a few people trying to copy text from images using some difficult methods. In fact, extracting text from images is a no more difficult task if you use a simple app available in the Google Play Store that too for Free!!

Before going to the main topic on “How to copy text from android images” I would like to share one funny incident where my friend is trying to copy text from some image and he tried many ways and took much time but he is not successful in getting text from image and later he just kept that images and started typing text in another mobile.

This is a lengthy process right!!

So, I thought of sharing some useful stuff which is helpful to everyone looking for “How to copy text from images (or) Document”


Step 1: The first step you must do is to “Download Text Fairy” App available from your Android Play Store for Free!! which scans text from an image (or) any Document and able to copy text from documents

You can also check Text Fairy App reviews given the users and also this app had almost 5 Million Downloads and also 4.3 Rating out of 5 by users.

2: Click on the Install Button to Download Text Fairy App on your Android. Downloading App may take little time bcoz the app size is nearly 31 MB.

3: After Downloading the app, Click on the Open button to launch the app on your Android. You need to allow permission to access media, photos, and files on your Android from the pop-up shown.

4: Now, Here you have two choices: Convert Text From a New Image (OR) to convert text from existing images.

5: The next step is most important for Scanning is to Choose Language for scanning.

6: Finally, This is the last step to scan the image/document. You can choose the preferred text image/document to scan using Text Fairy.

7: As soon as you choose the image/document the app starts scanning the entire image/document selected. Scanning time may vary depending on the image resolution. Within a few seconds, the app scans the text and displayed in a plain text layout.

8: Scanned Text can be copied, shared with anyone using WhatsApp, messaging Etc., or can be saved as PDF.

well, this is the process to copy text from pdf file easily using the best android application “Text fairy”.

In fact, there are many apps available from your Google Play Store to Extract text from images but the reason why I am sharing Text Fairy to extract text from documents is: I find this app is so easy to use and can scan any image text easily.

I hope you really enjoyed reading this article about “How to Copy Text from Images on Android” with the easy and simple steps to scan text from images. You can also share your experience using this app and can leave your valuable feedback in the Comment Section.

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