How To Root Android Free Without PC 2019

guy’s in this tutorial, I am going to help you to root android device safely by sharing my knowledge on ” How to root Android Without pc” with some easy and simple steps without any errors.

So, I think you are ready with your Android device looking for steps on “How to Root Android Apk”.

Before going into the main topic on “How to root android free” you need to know whether “Rooting Android Is Safe (or) Not” ?? 

So, below I have given a complete guide on each and every aspect of Rooting Android Device. You can check below and may proceed.

Rooting is the process of unlocking more features and getting control over Android device to modify settings”.

In this world, everything is not perfect because we do have some advantages as well as disadvantages. Similarly, rooting android device some important advantages of rooting an android device and disadvantages of rooting an android device.

Advantages of Rooting Android:

Given are some important list of Advantages which needed to be known before going to learn How to root android without pc. Everyone Looking for rooting android for free need to be aware of both Advantages and Disadvantages before rooting an Android device safe.

  1. The most important advantage is to Unlock Hidden Features and to Install “Incompatible” Apps on Android.
  2. Able to edit or delete any access file on Android.
  3. Can Automate Everything like toggling 3G, GPS, Changing CPU Speed, turning the screen and many more through root access.
  4. Can Boost your Phone’s Speed and Battery Life for a longer time.
  5. Able to Block Ads in the Apps while using the App.
  6. Able to install custom ROM of your Android Version.
  7. can also uninstall that annoying, battery-draining, space-wasting crapware that comes pre-installed on so many phones these days.
  8. can give you better performance, battery life, and even extra features like Wi-Fi tethering using Custom Kernal.
  9. Able to access many best apps which are able to install after rooting android.
  10. Truly own your device by doing the modification as you like in your Android.
  11. Increase Internal Memory after rooting android by deleting unwanted stuff from Android.

Disadvantages of Android Rooting:

As previously said, everything in this world has both Advantages as well as Disadvantages. Here I have listed out main Disadvantages which may lead to damage to your device and even I am not responsible if any such thing happens. So, you need to be responsible for everything while Android rooting.

  1. Rooting android seems very risky and needs to be done very caution because one single wrong step can damage your device.
  2. Rooting may cause data loss and you people are required to back up all the data before rooting your device and restore later after successful completion of rooting.
  3. Warranty of your android will break by rooting.
  4. Facing random Reboot and apps crashes when using custom ROM on rooted android.
  5. Rooting is a bit risky because of third-party apps.

These are the main important points user need to keep in mind before rooting an android device.

How To Root Android Phone Using Apk (without Pc/Computer)

The most common thing we need to do to install Android Root Apk is as simple as installing Apk apps as follows,

  • Firstly, need to change security settings to install Apk from Unknow sources if done ignore, and
  • Choose any one among the best android root apk from below with a download link.
  • Hit on the link given and apk starts downloading.
  • As soon as completion of downloading, you need to install Android root apk on your Android.
  • Installation may take little time and now you can open Apk installed.
  • Finally, you can see a root button available from the apk.
  • Simple click on it and wait till the rooting is completed.

This is the simple and easiest guide on ” How to root android device without a computer”

Top Best Apks To Root Android Without Computer For Free:

There are many root android Apk’s and many methods for rooting android mobile. Among these different Android rooting apps & methods on How to root android without pc, I have made a list of some Best Android Rooting Apps 2019 below, which helps you to root your android device safe without any damage.

1.iRoot Apk:

iRoot is one of the best highest success rate one-click Root Apk for Android Without a computer having many modes available in English version.iRoot had many updated features for its users and has become the best Android Rooting App.

Guide to Download & install iRoot Android apk:

  • Click on the iRoot Download button given here.
  • Wait till the Apk downloaded on your android.
  • Soon after downloading Apk, Click on the Apk file downloaded.
  • Click Install for installation of iRoot Apk.
  • Open the Apk installed in your Android.
  • Need to TAP on that icon I Agree.
  • So, now you can Root your Android using Root Button.
  • Finally, iRoot Android Apk starts rooting Android device successfully.

2.FramaRoot Apk :

FramaRoot Apk is another one best apps to root android device in one single click without any need of PC/Computer. Almost Framaroot Android root apk supports all Android devices easily. Also, there is an amazing updated feature to Unroot android device by using One click.

Guide to Download & install Framaroot Android Apk:

  • Firstly, click on the download Framaroot link below.
  • Wait till the apk downloaded on your Android.
  • Now, Click on the downloaded framarootapk downloaded.
  • Click the Install button for the installation process.
  • Wait for a few seconds to complete the installation.
  • Now click on the Open button to root an android device.

3.Universal Android Root:

Universal Android root is one of the best alternative android root apk for framaroot which can root android without any help of a computer. This is the simplest and easy rooting apk compared to similar rooting apps.

Guide to Download & Install Universal Android Root:

  • Click on the Universal apk download button.
  • After download, click on the apk downloaded to install.
  • Installation may take some lit time for completion.
  • after installation, you are asked to open app.
  • Now, you can open the best rooting app and root your device.

4.Towel Root Apk:

Towel root is one of the small android rooting apk that takes very less time to root any Android devices by tapping one root button. Towelroot is currently one of the best alternatives that you can find to root your Samsung Galaxy S5 or S4. It can also root a Nexus 4 or 5, and other models, too. In short, if you want to root a device, this is the best option.

Guide to Download & install Towelroot Apk:

  • Click on the Towelroot apk download button.
  • After download, click on the apk downloaded to install.
  • Installation may take some lit time for completion.
  • after installation, you are asked to open the app.
  • Now, you can open the best rooting app Towelroot and can root your device.

5.Z4Root Apk:

Z4Root is another popular rooting application for Android operating phones and tablets without a computer and without any risk of the hard brick of an android device with a success rate of 99% on almost all Android devices especially top brands like HTC, Sony, Motorola, Samsung Etc.,


Guide To Download & Install z4root android Apk:

  • Click on the Z4Root Download button given here.
  • Wait till the Apk downloaded on your android.
  • Soon after downloading Apk, Click on the Z4RootApk download file.
  • Click Install z4root apk for installation.
  • Open the Apk installed in your Android.
  • So, now you can Root your Android using z4rootapk app.
  • Finally, Z4Root Android Apk starts rooting Android device successfully.

Final Word:

So, these are the best rooting apps for android without using pc. You can choose any Android rooting app to root android device free and safe. Root your Android device using these best rooting apps at your own risk by following the above tutorial.

We would like to hear from you about your experience on these Android rooting apps on your android device in the comment section.

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