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5 Simple Steps To Install Dual WhatsApp On One Android - TrickZworld

5 Simple Steps To Install Dual WhatsApp On One Android

Are you searching for – How to install Dual WhatsApp on one Android? If yes, then I have a simple & easy trick where you can install 2 WhatsApp on one smartphone. So, just follow this tutorial to learn – How to Install Dual WhatsApp On One SmartPhone?

Using dual WhatsApp on one device is as simple as using a dual sim on one smartphone. As you all know the advantages of having a dual sim. So, In the same sense, there are many advantages in having a Dual WhatsApp accounts on a single android.

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Steps To Install Dual WhatsApp On One Android: 2 WhatsApp accounts

Below given are 5 easy & simple steps that help you to install two WhatsApp account on one smartphone fast:

#Step1# Install WhatsApp App from Google Play Store for free on your Android.

#Step2# After downloading, register with the primary number assume it as WhatsApp 1.

#Step3# Navigate to Phone Setting and scroll down to the option “App Clone”.

#Step4# Tap on App Clone, where you can find a list of installed apps on your Android.

#Step5# From those lists, select WhatsApp App shown.

#Step6# Now get back to the MAIN MENU where you can see the second WhatsApp App.

#Step7# Open the 2 WhatsApp installed, and follow the same instructions which done to the primary WhatsApp account.

#Step8# Finally, you are now ready to run dual WhatsApp Apps on one Android from now.

That’s it! Now you have successfully installed a double WhatsApp app on android without using any third-party apps. And now you can register with another number as done previously.

Note: You can also use 2 Instagram, 2 Facebook Apps using this amazing feature – APP CLONE.

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What Is The Use Of Having Dual WhatsApp?

Yah! There are many benefits of having 2 WhatsApp accounts on Android phones. And among all those benefits, privacy is the most important factor. Bcoz, these days we can’t blindly trust everyone we met and talk. As they may have another side that may lead to some issue which hurts a lot.

For Ex: Why do we choose for Dual Sim Android Phone??

Ans: Bcoz, most of the people don’t like to share their personal contact numbers with everyone. So, they can share the other number which can be used on some working times only.

So, As said above, even you can use this trick in WhatsApp App where you can keep things privately that can’t be shared with all WhatsApp contacts.

You can use two WhatsApp accounts :

  1. Personal usage,
  2. Work Purpose or Any

So, In these ways, you can use this amazing dual WhatsApp accounts that differ from your personal life.


Dual WhatsApp on one smartphone can be done in some other methods using some third-party apps. But Apart from all those methods, App Clone is the best method for Dual WhatsApp Download.

I recommend you guys choose these simple methods to run dual WhatsApp app. Bcoz, this is the best & easiest method where you can run 2WhatsApp Apk for Android. I hope you found the best trick in getting dual WhatsApp accounts here.

And if you face any errors, don’t hesitate to contact us using a comment section. Please don’t forget to share this amazing trick with your friends, relatives.

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