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How To Lock Particular Chat In WhatsApp On Android Phones - TrickZworld

How To Lock Particular Chat In WhatsApp On Android Phones

As you know ” WhatsApp ” is one of the popular messaging App in this digital world. No other app interface is as easy as WhatsApp. So, this App gained more popularity from its user’s. This is the best platform to share conversations with friends & family that can be recalled again from the chat history. But, there isn’t any feature to “Lock Particular Chat In WhatsApp On Android Phones” to hide WhatsApp messages.

Previously, you might have been using some third-party apps to lock apps on Android. But, You don’t find an app to hide a particular conversation on WhatsApp.

So, we have a simple and easy solution on How To Hide conversations on WhatsApp without using Any App. Just follow this guide to learn How to Hide chat in WhatsApp with password/ fingerprint protection.

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Steps To Lock Particular Chat In WhatsApp 

Privacy has been given topmost priority these days. And, everyone wishes to Hide particular WhatsApp messages from others including me. So, Below are a few easy steps to lock messages on WhatsApp.

1. Firstly, You are required to Download Latest version Yo WhatsApp Mod Apk on your Android successfully.

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2. After Downloading Apk from the given link, Install Yo WhatsApp Mod Apk on Android. Also, You can CheckHow To Install Yo WhatsApp Apk On Android if needed.

3. So, After installation, Open the Apk and complete Mobile Number Verification process similar to Official WhatsApp done previously.

4. After successful verification, you are able to see the chat screen similar to the Whatsapp app.

5. And Now, You are ready with the setup to lock specific WhatsApp chat on Android.

6. Click on the required contact to hide a Whatsapp conversation from the chat screen.

7. Hit on the three dots seen on the top right corner to find an option ” Lock Conversation “

8. Conversation can be locked by using three ways: Fingerprint, Pin, Password.

9. You can opt for anyone. But, Fingerprint is more recommended for high security.

10. After locking conversation, you won’t be able to see that particular chat on the normal chat screen as before.

That’s it! Finally done. Now you have successfully hidden particular chat from the chat screen.

And, Yah!

If you want to learn “How & Where to check the Locked/ Hidden Conversations”, just follow these easy steps below.

How To Check Locked/ Hidden Conversations From YoWhatsAppApk:

  1. Firstly, Click on the YoWhatsApp seen on the top left corner of the main chat screen.
  2. Secondly, You are asked to enter the desired Password/PIN/FingerPrint chosen before.
  3. After successful verification, You will be able to watch the Locked/ Hidden Chats from here.

This is the complete guide to hide a chat on WhatsApp without using any app lock. With these Mod apps, you can lock as many as chats which prevent chats visible from others.

What Is The Need For Using Lock Conversation With YoWhatsApp??

Basically, I have seen most of my friends struggling with this most common problem on How To Hide particular messages from WhatsApp even after using some third party lock applications. Because those app locks are only useful to lock the entire app.

For Example:

If you are good at flirting with girls using this messaging App for conversation. And, you wish to keep those chats secretly from others using some App Lock. [This example is taken for the purpose of better understanding]

In the Above situation, If you are asked to open the App lock depending on that situation, Boom! Your messages will be seen by others which you don’t like. So, These type of typical situations can be easily escaped using these awesome trick on “How To Lock WhatsApp Chats On Android”.

However, this would be the easiest way to hide WhatsApp messages safely without using any app locks on your Android.

I hope this awesome trick to Lock specific WhatsApp chat conversations will surely helpful to everyone to hide certain WhatsApp messages on Android using YoWhatsApp Apk.

You can also share your experiences on using this awesome feature ” How to Lock Chats On WhatsApp “ with us using the comment box below.


1. Can you lock chats on WhatsApp?

Ans: Yes, You can lock chats using YoWhatsApp Apk discussed above.

2. How can I hide a particular conversation on WhatsApp?

Ans: You can hide a particular conversation using YoWhatsApp.

3. Is there an app to hide WhatsApp Messages?

Ans: Yes, YowhatsAppApk is the best app to hide WhatsApp messages.

4. How can I lock my WhatsApp chats on android?

Ans: Download & Install YowhatsappApk, Click on the contact and hit three dots seen on the top right corner from here you can hide chat using ” LOCK CONVERSATION”.That’s it.

5. What is the best WhatsApp chat locker app?

Ans: YowhatsApp is one of the best WhatsApp chat locker apps.

6. How to hide chat in WhatsApp with a password?

Ans: You can hide chats in WhatsApp with a password from Yo Mods.



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