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How To Send WhatsApp Images Without Compressing On Android/ IOS ?? - TrickZworld

How To Send WhatsApp Images Without Compressing On Android/ IOS ??

Hey folks! Tried out of sending/receiving low-quality images or videos from WhatsApp Messenger?? Normally when you want to send/receive any image or video using Whatsapp messenger, those images or videos will be compressed. And this is the major drawback everyone is experiencing.

But I don’t think it as a big issue bcoz every problem has a solution. So, definitely there is also a solution for this issue to send Whatsapp images without compressing.

In this article, I am going to share the best Whatsapp trick which helps You to send Images In WhatsApp Without Compressing. So, for this, you just need to follow this guide to learn – How To Send Images In WhatsApp Without Compressing ??

As you all know the most popular free texting app – Whatsapp messenger which is providing services free of cost. Where anyone can easily install and use this amazing app for communication. WhatsApp is not only used for texting but also used to share one’s emotions, feelings Etc using WhatsApp Status.

So, lets come into the main topic ” How To send WhatsApp Images Without Compressing “.

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Here is an easy and simple method to send high-quality images on Whatsapp. So, just follow the tutorial carefully which helps you to learn ” How to send high-quality videos/ images on Whatsapp messengers?

So, here I am using a simple method to send uncompressed images on WhatsApp in iPhone/ Android.

Steps To Send Uncompressed Photos On WhatsApp In Android:

Sending uncompressed Whatsapp image is so simple as normally sending a photo as done previously but needs to the change method in sending them as a document. And you need not require to download any external apps to send uncompressed Whatsapp images.

  1. Firstly, select a contact from your contact list to whom you need to send an uncompressed photo over Whatsapp. And tap on the plus/attachment symbol seen on the chat thread.
  2. As soon as tapping, you will be able to see options like Document, Camera, Gallery, Etc., And you need to choose “ Document ” from options.
  3. And now you can easily navigate to the image/video stored in your gallery.
  4. Click on the image/video which needs to be sent.
  5. Soon after selecting the image/video, you need to conform to send the selected image/video as a document.
  6. Finally, you will be asked to confirm sending the selected image/video. And hit on the send option.
  7. That’s it, you are done.

By following the above steps, you can definitely send a full-size image on Whatsapp easily without any errors. And moreover, this trick is not only useful to “send original size picture on Whatsapp” but also useful to “send high-quality video in Whatsapp“.

Steps To Send Uncompressed Photos On WhatsApp In iPhone/Ios:

Uncompressed images on Whatsapp through iPhone. There are many ways to send pictures without losing quality Whatsapp iPhone. But, all those methods are not so easy in doing so.

So, I have picked up one best method to ” send high-resolution photos from iPhone Whatsapp ” using the ICLOUD DRIVE method.

Just follow the below-given steps to learnhow to send original size picture on Whatsapp iPhone.

  1. Firstly, You need to select the image’s from the Photos gallery that needs to be shared.
  2. After selecting the images, click on the Share icon seen on the Bottom Left Corner.
  3. And now, click on the ” Save to Files ” option seen on the screen.
  4. Choose ” iCloud Drive ” and hit the ” Add ” option seen on the top right corner to add selected images to drive.
  5. Now, Open WhatsApp on your iPhone and tap on the Plus icon to get more uploading options.
  6. And from those options, Tap on the ” Document ” to share images in document format.
  7. Here, you can check the images selected previously from iCloud Drive.
  8. Select them and Hit the Share button.

That’s it! Finally, you have successfully learned – ” how to send an image as a document in Whatsapp iPhone “.

These are the simple and easiest methods to send pictures without losing quality on Whatsapp.


I hope you liked this awesome Whatsapp trick which helps to send High-resolution Whatsapp photos on both Android/ iPhone with the easy working method. So, from now you need not be worried about sending/receiving low-quality images/videos using WhatsApp Messenger.

And If you think this WhatsApp trick is more useful, then you can even share this trick with your friends & family.

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