Latest Version SKTech Bomber Apk For Android

SKTech Bomber Apk Doing pranks have become the most trending topic these days. And almost all of us might have tried in making some funny pranks calls on others. But, we may fail in doing so.

But here I have an awesome App: SKTech Bomber Apk For Android to make some real fun pranks. These days people are so crazy about doing some fun by doing Pranks. So, pranks can be done easily using this amazing App. 

So, If you wish to know about this Best Bomber Apk to make prank messages & calls, Just follow this guide.

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What is SKTech Bomber Apk ?

SKTech Bomber Apk has become the most popular trending app these days to make prank messages & calls. This Android Bomber Apk can send bulk messages easily with a single tap.

This Best SMS Bomber App download is available for only android users till now. And using this free Android SMS Bomber app, bulk messages and fake calls can be done to any network in India.

And Also this Bomber App has some limitations to send a minimum of 250 messages only at once to a selected contact number & Make 2 Fake calls per day. So, users can only use this app with these limitations.

Apart from limitations, this app is an illegal app that may cause issues if misused. So, better to use this app among known people.


  • You can send unlimited messages easily using this SMS Bombing App.
  • Able to make calls to anyone in the country using CALL Bomber.
  • Able to choose a phone number from the phone book to send messages.
  • Easy to use App with friendly interface app.
  • Get the latest update notification of the SKTech SMS Bomber App using the in-built button feature.
  • Server status can be checked easily.
  • Able to prevent yourself from getting bombed by others using this awesome Apk.
  • Registration is Optional.
  • Can send custom messages.
  • Also, you can set the count option to send how many messages in the app only.
  • This App works with DND Numbers too.

Additional Information:

Application Name SKTech Bomber Apk
Developer   Shubham Kumar
Last Update 18/01/2021
App Version v2.6 For Android
File Size  6.9MB

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How To Download SKTech Bomber Apk For Android?

Unfortunately, SKtech Bomber App is not available for download from Google Play Store. Becoz, Google Play Store does not encourage these types of Apps to its users. So, this App is not available on the Play Store. But Don’t get bothered, we have given you a download link that helps you to download the latest version SK Tech Bomber App from below.

Downloading this awesome SMS bomber App is so easy by just hitting on the download button given below. Also, this Apk is free from Anti-virus.

By using the above Download link, you can easily Download SKTech SMS Bomber For Android.

How To Install SKTech SMS Bomber App on Android?

Installing this SKTech Bomber app is so simple as a normal app done previously. But Before going to install Sktech bomber app, you need to make a modification to your Android from the “System Settings”.

By doing these changes in “SETTINGS”, You can easily install any other third-party apps on your Android. Follow the Below given to makes changes in Settings. If done previously, neglect it and skip to the next step.

Step-1: Firstly, You need to make necessary Changes in Your Device Settings. And these modifications can be done as below:

  • Go to the “Settings” from Menu
  • From the setting, choose -> “Security Settings”
  • Scroll down and hit on the “Privacy” option
  • Now, Enable -> “allow installation of apps from Unknown sources”

That’s it! Now your Android is ready to install the third-party app: SKTech Call Bomber APK easily without any restrictions.

Step-2: Navigate to the Downloaded APK file & tap on it.

Step-3: On tapping, You will be seen two options: CANCEL (Or) INSTALL on the screen.

Step-4: Hit on the Install button for successful installation of the APK File on Android. And Installation may take a few seconds. So, you need to wait.

Step-5: Now, You are asked to choose one out of two options: DONE (Or) OPEN on the screen. From those options choose the OPEN option to start using this best.

Voila!!! you have successfully installed the Best Android SMS Bomber APK on your mobile easily. 

How To Use SKTech SMS Bomber App?

Using this Android SMS Bomber APK is very easy & simple. Still, If you are confused about – How to use SKTech SMS Bomber App? Then, just scroll down to learn Step-by-step:

Step-1: Firstly, You need to launch the installed APK by tapping on the APK icon from the menu. On tapping the icon, You can see some options on the screen like Blank space to enter the mobile number, Slow, Fast & Normal Etc.,

Step-2: Now you can enter the victim number to whom you need to send spam messages. And Also need to set the speed from the options: SLOW, NORMAL & FAST. Depending upon your wish you can set the speed of messages to be delivered.

Step-3: After that, you need to set the number of messages to be sent to that selected contact number. (Maximum Limit to send messages at once is 250)

Step-4: And finally, Hit on the BOMB option to have some blast of messages on the victim’s phone. Also, you can check the live status of the number of Bombed messages successfully sent on the screen.

So, these are some simple & easy steps to use this awesome App on your Android easily. And you can send customized messages using this APK. 

How to send custom SMS on SKTech Bomber APK?

As said above, users of Android SMS Bomber can also send customized messages. To send customize messages, you need to follow these below-given steps :

Step-1: Open SMS Bomber App installed, click on the top left corner on three horizontal lines as shown in the below screenshot.

Step-2: Now, Choose the Custom Bomber option from the submenu.

Step-3: Here you are asked to Enter the Phone Number & type Customized Message in the Message Box shown.

Step-4: After entering the number & message, Hit on the Submit option.

That’s it! now you can also send customized messages using this Android SMS Bomber App. 

How To Use SKTech Call Bomber?

Yet Here is another most important Feature CALL Bomber, which is used to make fake calls without hiding contact numbers. Scroll down to learn about this trick below.

Step-1: Open the installed SMS Bomber APK App, Hit on three horizontal lines seen on the top left corner as shown in the below screenshot.

Step-2: From those shown options, Select the Call Bomber Option.

Step-3: Here you need to type phone number manually or can choose from Phonebook.

Step-4: Finally, Hit on the BOMB button that appeared on the screen. 

Boom! Now the victim receives spam calls on his Android Phone randomly.

Ending the Article:

I really wanted to share my best experience using this awesome app: SKTech SMS Bomber Apk here. I have just installed the app and started sending some prank messages and calls to my friend with a single click. Really loved using it. And the funniest thing is I have made many pranks on my friends.

So, Even you can also make some crazy pranks by sending spam messages & spam calls to friends or relatives easily. And This App is designed for designed only for educational purposes. So, Don’t dare to use this app to take revenge. Becoz it may lead to some issues.

Please do share your best experience using this awesome Android Bomber App in the comment section.

If you have any issues, just leave a comment and get the issue resolved soon. Thank You!

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