Best Way To Stop People From Adding You To WhatsApp Groups

Hey Folks! In this article, I am gonna share with you the latest WhatsApp trick to stop people from adding you to Whatsapp groups. So, Just scroll down to learn – how to stop people from adding you to new WhatsApp groups?

Before going to learn how to block people from adding into WhatsApp groups without your permission I would like to share my worst experience with WhatsApp groups where I used to get some hundreds of messages from Whatsapp groups created for some stupid chats. And also I tried to exit from those group but again they started adding me to that group which I have left. And this continued for some days but couldn’t keep end for this.

But, Finally, one day I have come across the best trick on How to stop people from adding you to WhatsApp groups?. And yes this trick really works well where you can learn how to stop someone from adding you to a group?.

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How To Stop People From Adding You To WhatsApp Groups?

Before going into the main topic, you need to download the latest version WhatsApp app. Becoz older versions don’t have the new feature – To get control over WhatsApp groups.

  1. First of all, you need to Update the Latest version WhatsApp app from play store free.
  2. Then, Click on the 3 vertical dots that appeared on the Top-Right Corner and Select Settings options.
  3. And From Settings option, Tab on Account followed by Privacy option.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom to find an Option like Group.
  5. Tab on the Group Option to find options like Who can add me to groups.
  6. So, Finally, you need to choose 1 out of 3 options shown below. ( Everyone, My Contacts & Nobody )

For Example:

  • If you Opt for “EVERYONE”, then anyone can add you to any WhatsApp groups without your permission.
  • And If you Opt for “MY CONTACTS”, then only people from your contact list can add you in WhatsApp groups.
  • “NOBODY” Option will completely block everyone from adding into WhatsApp groups.

That’s it! You can choose the best-needed option to restrict the WhatsApp group adding without your permission.

So, depending on your privacy, you can choose the best option. And from now group admins need to take permissions before adding to new Whatsapp groups.


Although we do have some options like Exit Group or Mute. But all these options do not really stop people from adding You To WhatsApp Groups. Becoz If you opt for Exit Group, then group admin has an option to add back into group again. And also if you choose Mute option, then you will be getting messages silently without any notifications.

So, If you really want to block or restrict people adding you to WhatsApp groups then follow this amazing trick instead of some temporary options.

I hope this WhatsApp trick – how to stop someone from adding you to a Whatsapp group will really help you to restrict people from adding into WhatsApp groups. And Don’t forget to share this secret Whatsapp trick with your loved ones suffering from unwanted groups.


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